OFCCP Videos Offer Glimpse Into Workers’ Stories, Lives

by Patricia Shiu on October 11, 2012 · 1 comment

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We see and hear the stories of workers who suffer discrimination every day – whether it is a qualified veteran who is improperly denied a job with a federal contractor or a female employee who is not being paid fairly compared to men in her office.   We know the negative impact discrimination has on all workers and on our economy as a whole.  But we also know the difference that the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs can make in these situations.

And no one can tell the story of the workers we have helped better than the workers themselves.  That is why I am pleased to announce that OFCCP has just added four worker testimonial videos to the “Opening Doors” series of films, brochures and fact sheets on our web site, www.dol.gov/ofccp.  These short films offer a window into the very real discrimination that still happens in far too many American workplaces.  More importantly, they show the good results that come from OFCCP involvement and the positive impact we have on the lives of so many workers and their families.

The “Opening Doors” films tell the stories of some of the people my agency has helped.  From veterans and individuals with disabilities, to women and minorities, the workers who you will see in these videos represent a cross-section of the populations we defend.  And remember, workplace discrimination is not limited to one group or gender.  For example, we see cases where both men and women are being discriminated against, or where one group is being favored over another simply because of race, religion or national origin.  Our job is to make sure that all qualified workers have a fair shot at employment with federal contractors and subcontractors, regardless of who they are, where they come from, what their disability and how or whether they worship.

I hope you will take the time to watch each of these mini-documentaries and consider each worker’s story.  So much of our work at OFCCP revolves around gathering data, analyzing statistics and negotiating with employers.  But we never forget how our efforts make a difference for the individual workers involved in all our cases.  These videos are the perfect showcase for you to see the very human stories at the heart of each and every case we pursue at OFCCP. 

The author, Patricia A. Shiu is the Director of the department’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs.

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1 Gregg S October 11, 2012 at 12:14 pm

Wait a minuite! How is it was discrimnated against by my employer for contating OSHA and my employer does contract work for the U.S Government and i was not protected?
This employer even states on ther advertising they do work for the U.S Government.
There was even a top OSHA offical who provided me inside documentation that exposed how my former employer lied and conspired to lie to the U.S Federal investigators.
This evidence is indisputible and yet no investigation by OFCCP?
Here this OSHA offical risked his job and for what OFFCCP?
Is this 1%er money at work here?
The evidence “WE” provided clearly shows that.

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